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Wooden MOKURU Desktop Toy

In Japan, “wood” translates to “moku”, and “flipping” translates to “kuru”. That’s how the name, “MOKURU” came up.

MOKURU is a desk toy originally crafted with quality beech wood. They have now been made in various materials including plastic and metal. MOKURU has a simple design: it is simply a convex stick with flattened rubber ends. This simple design allow it to be rolled, flipped and played with other tricks. You can play it solo, multiple sticks or with multiple players.

Check them out in our online store, or get them from Cube #61, 62/63 in SCG Pavilion, Gadong Mall. Follow us on IG @wiz.zon.

See how to play Mokuru on their Kickstarter page or Continue reading Wooden MOKURU Desktop Toy

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