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We are selling items that are good to promote our problem solving and analytical mental skills. This is the gym for your brain muscles. We hope this will be a place the wiz hangout. But well, there are more that a wiz will do … and we hope to have all of them here.

At the moment, we are “small” and not competitive in various aspects in business. We hope with your support, we will be able to provide you with better service, more choices and better prices.

If you encounter any problem or have any suggestion in any aspects of our shop (including the website) or our products (including things that you want but you can’t find here), please kindly contact us either through the contact form at the bottom of this page, or by writing email to us at Please do not communicate any sensitive information through this form.

We are based in Brunei, but we will be happy to ship the products outside Brunei as well as within Brunei. Please feel free to contact us. Note: We currently do not take order from outside Brunei. If you want to buy from outside Brunei, please contact us.

For now, lets keep it short. We will write more in future.
Please support us. Thanks again.

How to order?

  1. Please read the “Terms and Conditions“. Note: We currently do not take order from outside Brunei. If you want to buy from outside Brunei, please contact us.
    Terms and Conditions
    1. Purchase of any item from WizZon store confirms acceptance of the Terms and Conditions listed herewith.
    2. All products and free gifts are subject to stock availability and we reserve the right to limit quantities per customer.
    3. Specifications are for reference only and actual product picture may not be exactly as shown.
    4. Prices are in Brunei Dollars (BND).
    5. Prices quoted are per item piece even the picture may show few pieces for illustration purpose, unless specifically stated in the description.
    6. Goods sold are not exchangeable or returnable.
    7. We reserve the rights to alter any terms and conditions without prior notice.
    8. All marks, names and logos used herein are the property of their respective owners.
    9. While we try our utmost to ensure your experience on this website is comfortable and safe, the internet world is wild beyond our limited capability to safeguard from the malicious activities in it. We apologize that we will not be responsible to any consequences that has arisen from the use of this website.
  2. Go to the “Shop” section by selecting “Shop” on the menu (at top of the website).
  3. Find the item(s) you want to purchase.
  4. Add the item(s) into your cart by clicking the “Add to cart” button.
  5. Go to your cart either by selection it on the menu (at top of the website) or clicking the “cart‘ icon at the bottom (on mobile devices), or click “View cart” button that appears after you have added an item to the cart.
  6. Review your cart to check that it has all the items you want. You can adjust the quantity in your cart.
  7. Place the order by clicking “Proceed to checkout” button.
  8. Complete your information. Please ensure your contact information is correct as we will contact you through your email and/or phone number.
  9. In your “Order Notes”, please state your preferred collection location. Please see here (click) for available collection locations.
    • SCG Pavilion, Gadong Mall
    • MegaBox, Times Square
  10. Click the “Place order” button.
  11. We will contact you, usually in email, when your order is ready for collection. If we are out of stock of the item(s) you have ordered, we will inform you and you can make necessary changes to the order, or cancel the order.
  12. Please pay when you collect. Your goods will not be issued to you without payment made.
  13. Your items will be available at the collection location for an agreed period of time, usually a few days from the day they have been sent to the collection location. The order will be automatically canceled if it is not collected and paid within the specified period of time.
  14. Please discuss with us if you have any problem with the arrangement.
  15. Thank you for shopping with us.


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