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We are selling in Cube #62/63 in SCG Pavilion Gadong Mall

We needed more space for our products. We are now selling in Cube #62/63, as well as Cube #61 in SCG Pavilion Gadong Mall. Now you can see more of our products in these cubes. Of course, these cubes are still too small to display all products we have in our online store. Follow us on IG @wiz.zon.

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Rubik’s Spark: the Electronic Rubik’s Cube

Experience the all-new electronic Rubik’s Cube and discover a fresh way to physically control your game play.

6 Mind-blowing Games, each with 25 Unique Levels that will test your Memory, Speed, Dexterity & Logic. No buttons! No Touch Screen! A NEW dimension of Game Control! Simply control the Spark by tilting & turning. Suitable for both Single & Multiplayer game play.

Check it out in our store. Follow us on IG @wiz.zon.