[C] Vertellis Relationship Edition (Red)

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[C] Vertellis Relationship Edition (Red). Boardgames marked with [C] are not from their country of original source. We are unable to confirm their authenticity. Exact appearance and packaging illustration may differ. Minor imperfection in retail packaging box may be present due to handling during the shipping.

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Relationship Edition

Sincere attention and understanding of one another – that’s what this question card game is all about.

Talk about great memories, dream about the future, and make plans to help these dreams come true…all in a playful, loving way.

Put down your phones and spend valuable time (offline!) together. Experience what giving genuine attention to one another can do for your relationship.

  • The #1 question card game for couples
  • For ALL types of romantic relationships
  • Developed with psychologists and relationship therapists

The story behind the Vertellis Relationship Edition

Good communication has been identified as the most important aspect of a strong relationship.

While having a connected conversation may sound simple, in today??s fast-paced world filled with constant technological distractions, having quality conversations is proving to be more difficult than we think.

Vertellis wants to give Cupid – and couples – a helping hand!

With our newest addition, we want to help strengthen your communication with the one you are most intimate with.

In a playful and posit


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