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WizZon Telegram news channel, pub and cafe

We have seen there are more and more cubers in Brunei. And, we are happy to know more and more sub-10 speedcubers in the country.

Interactions between like minded is the most enjoyable thing to do, that’s the fun part of the hobby. Brunei cubers require peers to learn from each others, exchange ideas, mutually push their PBs or to just chit chat.

We have tried connecting a few individuals, however that didn’t work well as to some it could be uncomfortable to have private chat with strangers at the beginning, and it’s not easy to handle such matter for us. Different circles of friends have created their own chat group only known to their own circle.

It will be a lot more fun to have a public space to just check in and chit chat whenever we are in the mood, and just leave when the mood is not there. You know, like a pub or a cafe – come and go as we wish.

We have created two Telegram public groups to hopefully provide a place for the wiz to hangout.

The public groups allow anyone to just check in and check out anytime s/he wish. The conversations stay and so you can just pass time reading past conversations.

The @wizzonpub intends to be a hang out place for international wiz. But we have not gathered many international audiences.

The @wizzoncafe intends to be the hang out place for Brunei wiz. Hopefully Brunei cubers and wiz can use this space to chit chat and mutually help each others to become better in their hobby. It is a quiet place at the moment. If there is enough crowd in here, we may have some random activities or may be random goodies.

Besides the two Telegram groups, we have an announcement channel, where we post updates and info similar to what we post on Instagram, Facebook and the Twitter.

The @wizzonnews is the Telegram announcement channel of WizZon. Besides offering a mean to share our news with those who don’t like social media platforms, we feel the Telegram channel is more useful than IG. Links are clickable, so it is convenient to check out the links in the post, unlike in IG and FB where web links are not much useful. In Telegram channel, we can easily share third party content such as YouTube videos, which we can’t share on IG. For those who prefer not to been seen on social media, you will be happy to know that no one (apart from WizZon) will know you have joined (aka follow in social media) the channel. Subscribers to the channel don’t see each other.

So, check in our Telegram news channel, pub and cafe. Hope these venues will be more effective for us to share information to the wiz and for the wiz to hangout.

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