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New arrivals and restocks in various categories

We have been updating our stocks in magic cubes, yoyos, boardgames, playing cards and STEM products. This is a one post for all update. Check them out in our online store.

We have added the new QiYi Wu-family member, the 3x3x3 WuWei or fearless. The Wu-family had been missing a 3x3x3 member. With WuWei, the Wu-family now has 2x2x2 to 7x7x7. Check out our new magic cube arrivals.

For the yo-yos, we have added Magicyoyo K1, K2, K9, K10, N8, N9, N11, N12 and diabolo. Check out our yoyos in our online store.

Our Bicycle playing cards selection is growing, and we have also added a few limited edition cards in stock. Check out our playing cards in store.

In boardgames, we have brought in more choices including both genuine and products from alternative sources (marked with [C]). Check out our exciting range of boardgames offer in store.

Besides the above major categories, we are also stocking up other variety of products to cater for different wizs. One of the categories is the STEM products. We have in stock major STEM products including the most popular Arduino, Raspberry Pi and microbit -based products and kits. Check out our STEM products in store.

Check all products in WizZon, we have more products in store.

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