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Smart cube is an easy and fun way to learn speedcubing

We have been carrying smart cubes in store and the latest additions are the Giiker Supercube i2 and i3se.

The Giiker Supercube i3se is the successor to the Giiker Supercube i3s. It is the third edition of the Giiker Supercube. The i3se has improved battery life of more than 90 hours of use with one charge. This edition comes with a robotic body that serves as the cube charger, as well as a phone holder when the cube is not on the charger.

Besides the i3se, we have also brought in the first 2x2x2 smart cube, the Giiker Supercube i2. This cube has the same features as its 3×3 sibling. In addition, it is a magnetic cube.

The Giiker smart cubes can be used as a normal speedcubes, or can be connected to the Supercube app on a mobile phone over Bluetooth. The Supercube app is available on Android and iOS.

The fun of the Giiker Supercubes is when they are connected to the Supercube app. The app helps anyone to solve a cube by following the on screen animated guide. You do not need to learn any algorithm to solve a cube. The Giiker Supercubes are equipped with sensors such that the Supercube app can detect its state (positions of the pieces and movements) and display its animation on screen.

For those who wants to learn and improve their speedcubing, the Supercube app provides tutorial, lessons, timer and mini games to help anyone to speedcube. The app records the statistics of your progress as the user progress from beginner to pro.

Perhaps the most exciting part is the community using the Supercube giving the opportunity to interact and have friendly match.

Besides the Giiker Supercube, we also have in stock the premium smart cube from GAN, the GAN356i. GAN has its own app that offers similar features as that of Supercube.

Smart cubes is an easy and fun way to learn speedcubing. Check out the smart cubes in our online store.

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